The Odyssey

An epic storytelling experience. Scores of characters, music on 12-string guitar and Celtic harp. Homer's Greek Mythology classic brought to life. Over four hours. Get it here as an mp3!

Folktales Told With Characters and Music!

American Tall Tales plus timeless and fun stories from Italy, Russia, China, Japan, Africa, England, Native America, Sweden, Germany, Denmark, ancient Greece, Tibet...

Little Proto Dinosaur Tales

Award-winning tales with unforgettable characters, dinosaur vocal effects and songs kids love to sing. Get the entire mp3 Trilogy here!

David and Goliath

The award-winning version of one of the Bible's greatest stories. Get the hour-long mp3 adventure here!

Original Music

For relaxing listening, Odds Bodkin's original songs, plus acoustic and symphonic compositions...

Please Note: Our Story Shop Consists of Digital Downloads Only. We no longer offer CDs - but you can easily burn your purchases onto any medium you choose usually with built-in software that comes with your computer. Or, it can be done with iTunes as well!

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