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Interested in seeing Odds Bodkin perform live? The following is a list of upcoming performances - hope to see you in the crowd!


Performance Date: 02-23-2017 @ 08:45am

Location: Brookfield Elementary School, Brookfield VT

Odds Bodkin visits Brookfield Elementary School in Vermont to offer two GOLDEN RULE: CHOOSE KINDNESS performances for K-2 and 3-5 students. Each show contains three stories followed by ethical questions that urge students to consider the benefits of empathy and kindness.

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Door to Imagination Workshop/Round Hill Community Church

Performance Date: 03-05-2017 @ 09:00am

Location: Round Hill Community Church, Greenwich, CT

Odds Bodkin visits Round Hill Community Church in Greenwich, CT to tell stories and conduct a Door to Imagination Workshop for the community. For information contact Reverend Ed Horstmann.

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Young Hercules: The Legendary Bully/Middle School Show

Performance Date: 03-09-2017 @ 08:00am

Location: North Andover Middle School, North Andover, MA

Odds Bodkin returns to Andover Middle School for the 7th year in a row to perform Young Hercules: The Legendary Bully. The hour-long performance followed by a Q&A is Bodkin’s empathy-awareness program for middle school students. Trapped in the Underworld, Hercules has to tell his own life story to Hades and Persephone in order to ascend to Mt. Olympus. His youthful rages and murders, his Twelve Labors and final discovery of seeing himself through the eyes of others leaves a lasting impression on young teens, both boys and girls.

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GOLDEN RULE: CHOOSE KINDNESS/2 Elementary School Shows

Performance Date: 03-10-2017 @ 08:30am

Location: Garrison Elementary School, Dover NH

Odds Bodkin visits Thompson Elementary School in Dover, NH for two GOLDEN RULE: CHOOSE KINDNESS empathy-awareness storytelling performances with follow-up questions for students. Young audiences of K-2 and 3-5 graders are each welcomed with harp extemporizations, then hear three stories from around the world.

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GOLDEN RULE: CHOOSE KINDNESS (2 elementary school shows)

Performance Date: 03-17-2017 @ 08:40am

Location: Birch Meadow Elementary School, Reading MA

With Celtic harp, African thumb piano and 12-string guitar, Odds Bodkin offers two different GOLDEN RULE performances with follow-up conversation with students in grades K-2 and 3-5. Stories from around the world that urge children to consider empathy are followed by Odds’ intriguing ethical questions.

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THE ODYSSEY: Belly of the Beast/Grendel’s Den on Harvard Square

Performance Date: 04-02-2017 @ 8pm

Location: Grendel's Den, Cambridge MA

Meet Odysseus of Ithaca inside the Trojan Horse, about to bring down Troy after ten years of siege. He longs for his wife and son. Little does he know he’s about to embark on the epic adventure that bears his name. There is death on the beach at Ismaros followed by drugged Lotus Eaters on a strange island, but nothing prepares him for the horrors inside the Cave of the Cyclops. Trapped with his men who are being devoured two by two, Odysseus must use his legendary wits to escape the beast Polyphemus without killing him.

Experience Odds Bodkin’s renowned epic telling of Homer’s The Odyssey as the master storyteller accompanies himself on thunderous 12-string guitar while enacting vivid characters. A feast for the Mind’s Eye. Odds includes an introduction to the tale on Celtic harp.

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INDIA’S ANCIENTS: Tales from The Mahabharata and Beyond/Grendel’s Den on Harvard Square

Performance Date: 04-09-2017 @ 8pm

Location: Grendel's Den, Cambridge MA

King Yudisthira’s time to die has come, but his brothers and wife won’t let him journey to Mt. Kailasa alone. When a stray dog insists on following them, the travelers don’t mind. Awaiting them, high in the snows, are the gates to the Celestial City, guarded by the God of a Thousand Eyes. But the journey proves to be terrifying, and one by one, Bhima, Arjuna and even Draupadi perish on the road to the Silver Mountain. Only the King and the dog make it to the gates. What happens next is one of the most mind-blowing endings to any story Odds Bodkin knows.

He’ll tell Yudisthira at Heaven’s Gate from The Mahabharata and other unforgettable stories from India in this magical performance, self-accompanied with sitar-like music played on 12-string guitars, vocal effects and vivid character voices.

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HERCULES IN HELL/Grendel’s Den on Harvard Square

Performance Date: 04-16-2017 @ 8pm

Location: Grendel's Den, Cambridge MA

Killed by a love charm, Hercules is dead, but instead of awakening on Mt. Olympus as he was promised, he’s trapped in the Underworld with Hades and his reluctant queen, Persephone. She longs for news of the living and Hades demands that Hercules tell his life story in order to be freed. Forced to reflect on his murderous rages when young, the hero tells his own tale. Haunted by guilt after killing his wife and children, he’s given a path to redemption––a set of impossible labors. The Bull of Zeus. The Sacred Stag of Artemis. The Hydra. The Augean Stables. Twelve in all. But the tale doesn’t end there.

Odds Bodkin performs this award-winning story using vivid character voices, vocal effects and a full score on 12-string guitar. He opens with an introduction to Hercules’ place in Greek mythology on Celtic harp.

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THE ODYSSEY for the New Hampshire Classical Association

Performance Date: 05-05-2017 @ 10:00am

Location: Dana Center, St. Anselm College, Manchester , NH

Six hundred Latin students from New Hampshire high schools visit St. Anselm College’s Dana Center to receive awards and hear master storyteller Odds Bodkin perform The Odyssey: Belly of the Beast.

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GOLDEN RULE: CHOOSE KINDNESS (3 elementary school shows)

Performance Date: 05-12-2017 @ 10:00am

Location: Danville Elementary School, Danville NH

Odds Bodkin performs 3 GOLDEN RULE: CHOOSE KINDNESS performances for K-1, 2-3 and 4-5 grade levels during the day. Each performance features three tales from around the world followed by Odds’ intriguing ethical questions for his young listeners. GOLDEN RULE is designed to urge children to practice kindness and empathy in their lives. Music on African thumb piano, Celtic harp and 12-string guitar.

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A Family Stories Extravaganza in Glen Providence Park

Performance Date: 06-03-2017 @ 5pm

Location: Glen Providence Park, Media PA

Bring a picnic and the kids for Odds Bodkin’s FAMILY STORIES EXTRAVAGANZA in Glen Providence Park in Media, PA on June 3rd at 5:00 pm. Odds will bring his harp, 12-string guitars and other instruments to help him tell his funniest family-friendly stories. Babies welcome! Usually even they listen!

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Family Gathering Performance

Performance Date: 07-15-2017 @ 1pm

Location: Roscoe Campsite Park, Roscoe, NY

Odds Bodkin says thanks to his web designer and mentor, Dave Ventresca, by offering a kids’ performance and adult performance to Dave’s extended family.

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Welcome to the performance calendar – here you can find a list of upcoming shows or down at the bottom, you can use the form to request a performance of your own! Please let us know if you have any questions; we’re happy to help!


Odds Bodkin offers school assemblies for K-3, 4-6, middle and high school audiences, all with compelling age-appropriate stories. To incorporate Door to Imagination workshops for students and staff, invite him for a 1, 3 or 5 day residency.


The Peabody-Essex Museum, The Art Institute of Chicago, the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, the Sackler Museum at Harvard, the Portland Art Museum and others have enhanced their exhibitions by inviting Mr. Bodkin to tell tales relevant to works on display. As a practicing mythologist, he tells tales from Japan, China, India, Tibet, ancient Greece, Italy, Russia, Scandinavia, Africa, Polynesia, South America, Ethiopia, Egypt, Ireland and England (Arthurian), not to mention Aesop’s Fables, American Tall Tales and ghost stories from New England.


Chautauqua in Boulder, CO, Lincoln Center Institute in New York, Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park, Wharton Center for Performing Arts at Michigan State and others host Odds Bodkin shows for student groups and the public. From The Odyssey: Belly of the Beast to family StoryBlast! concerts where everybody sings together and brings down the house, Odds is a one-man show.


Year after year, Loyola University Maryland hosts The Odyssey or The Iliad: Book I for Classics and Honors students. For seven years in a row, St. Anselm College brought in the entire freshman class for The Iliad: Book I, their first humanities lecture. UC Boulder invites Odds and Naturalist Martin Ogle to team up for StoryEarth, a storytelling and multimedia presentation that explores big questions. University of New Hampshire students invite him to perform his version of Beowulf. Wharton School of Business hires him to tell The Odyssey. All know that Mr. Bodkin can compel university audiences in a way they love. He has also performed at Syracuse, Wofford College, Dartmouth, Colorado College, Boston University, Ohio Dominican University, Emerson College in Great Britain and others.

CONTACT: Mil Bodkin, Booking Agent

Phone: (603) 938-5120 or use the form to the left!