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The Earthstone

A 2-hour ecological musical and adventure

story with nine songs, kid actors, full score,

and Odds Bodkin’s amazing voices.  Meet

The Clockmaker, the Elephant of Surprise,

and save the earth!  Broadcast by NPR for

Earth Day.

120 minutes   mp3 Price: $14.95

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The Blossom Tree

Stories within stories... Riddles of wisdom... Music on modal harp, guitars and grand piano...

Includes: The Crane Wife, a Japanese Folktale;

The Runaway Horse, a Chinese Tale;

The Blossom Tree, a Tibetan Folktale; and

The Missing Axe, a Chinese Conundrum.

"This collection of folktales reflects the

consummate skill of his creative genius..."

                      ––National Parent Papers

56 minutes

The Wise Little Girl

Tales of the Feminine

Stories about girls who are either brave or smart...

or both!   Includes: The Three Spinning Fairies, a Grimm's Fairytale; The Buffalo's Wife, a scary

Native American Myth; and The Wise Little Girl,

a Russian Folktale. Performed on Celtic harp,

tom-tom and 12-string guitar.

"Intriguing... powerfully dramatic"

                ––Boston Parents' Paper

46 minutes

The Hidden Grail

Sir Percival and the Fisher King

It was hidden from men. King Arthur knew of it.

So did his knights. It was The Grail––an old stone bowl that held the source of life. Some were

destined to protect it. Others, to try to steal it. But only one knight was destined to heal them all.

A classic Arthurian legend of adventure, transformation and miracles scored with Odds Bodkin's music  on twelve-string guitar and grand Celtic harp.  

WINNER:  The Indie Award for

                  Children's Storytelling

The Publishers Weekly "Listen Up" Award for Best Audio

The Family Channel seal of quality award!

"One of the best kids' spoken-word recordings we've heard..."––Billboard Magazine

90 minutes

The Harper and the King

The Story of Young David

A young poet, destined to write The Psalms.

A king, haunted by failure.

A giant, Goliath, slaying men like rabbits.

Here is a Bible story brought to life as never before.

It tells of a time when God was close, miracles changed history, and faith was everything.

“His music is wondrous. It's engaging, expressive, mesmerizing. With nothing more than his guitar and voice, he manages to paint a scene more captivating than much of what you see on the big screen."
Detroit Jewish News

WINNER Parents’ Choice Gold Award

WINNER Storytelling World Award

WINNER Dove Award

60 minutes

Story Recordings

Ages 7-9

mp3 Price: $5.95

mp3 Price: $14.95

mp3 Price: $5.95

mp3 Price: $8.95

CD Price: $14.95